Dericam IP Security Camera: An Individual Review

A lot of wireless security cameras have been available for home usage. IP cameras are effective at deterring crimes and providing a high level of home surveillance. Because of these reasons, homeowners see IP cameras as a necessary piece of security equipment.

In this short review, we'll talk about the Dericam IP Security Camera. The camera has enough storage to hold footage for up to 2 weeks. Plus, it has a high image resolution making it easier to view intruders attempting to break into our home. In our review, we'll show you why this camera is a good choice for you and your family's safety.

About The Product

The Dericam IP Security Camera provides more power than you'd expect. It uses up to 2 megapixels to deliver a high-resolution image. Homeowners like this camera because its affordable and helps prevent burglars, intruders, and vandals from entering your home.

Dericam IP Security Camera Connectivity

One feature that we've noticed is its night vision. During the evening, burglars are more likely to enter into your home. But the Dericam's night vision feature gives you a clear view of the assailant before they cause any damage. Get this camera if you want a camera that can capture all angles without being too advanced.

  • Flexible Compatibility
  • Good Field of View
  • Private Camera that doesn't disclose information
  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable Price

Plus, the camera is easy to install and set up. On average, you'll take up to five minutes to get the camera up and running. After the camera connects to your Wi-Fi network, you're ready to go. Thus, this camera is great for beginners and serves as an excellent source of home security.

The Dericam Camera is compatible with all smartphone devices. Consumers liked the iPhone app that comes with the device. The app is easy to use, navigate, and utilize while the user is away from home. Get this product if you want to protect your home from the comfort of your phone.

You need this camera because it's simple to position in any angle that you desire. The device comes with brackets that let users mount the camera in any direction they need. You can place the camera upside down and configure the settings to register that position. As a result, the camera is versatile and views objects in any direction or angle.

The image quality is another defining feature of this product. It has a resolution of 1280 x 720 which displays the images in high definition. This is great because the camera captures the details and the complete appearance of a home invader. Get this camera if you want clear images of invaders attempting to enter your home.

But, there is one flaw associated with this device. Users found fault with the camera's lack of durability. On average, this camera works for up to 3 months. Consider repairing or replacing your camera if this issue ever occurs.

Ultimately, the Dericam IP Security Camera is the best camera for basic home security. The camera is sold on Amazon for a low price of $70. Buy this camera if you're serious about keeping you and your family safe from vandals, home invaders, and burglars.

Things To Consider Before Buying

There are some things that every person should know before they go out and buy their very own security camera.

Dericam IP Security Camera Dimensions

Do I Need A Decentralized Or Centralized Camera?

Decentralized cameras are great for mobile usage. These cameras require a Storage Unit for Media such as a USB flash drive or an external hard drive to store your camera footage. Decentralized cameras are inexpensive and are a great way to provide mobile security in your home.

Centralized cameras have the main system and are connected to the internet. They are the popular choice of home surveillance because they are easier to use. Users like them because these cameras connect fast and deliver high-quality image results. Get a centralized camera If you want a stable camera that's hard for burglars to spot.

Should I Get A Night Vision Camera?

Of course, you should! Studies show that 50% of home invasions occur during the evening. The quality of your IP camera determines whether you'll find him/her or not. Night vision cameras give you the benefit of seeing possible criminals at night and giving you enough time to contact the authorities.

Image Resolution

You don't want an IP camera that displays in low quality. This reduces the effectiveness of the device and sends back blurry images. To avoid this, you'll need an IP camera of a satisfactory resolution. We suggest getting your first camera at a high resolution (720p, 1800p) to return accurate images to the user's eyes.


Every IP camera comes with a firmware patch that's developed by the manufacturer. The firmware patches help protect the user from internal mistakes caused by them. However, there is one thing you need to remember.

Check your camera model's firmware updates at least monthly. Sometimes the manufacturer creates patch updates to fix issues that are happening in the current version of your IP camera. Keep the camera updated to ensure that you remain safe from hackers and other ailments that could tamper with your home.

Power Supply

IP cameras are placed in two categories when it comes to power. Some cameras need to be wired connectivity to work while others need a simple battery. Battery powered cameras are rechargeable and have a life span for several hours. On some cases, the cameras last for weeks before needing to recharge them.

Dericam IP Security Camera


In built camera batteries makes your IP camera harder to see by burglars. Wired cameras need less attention and are easier to set up. Battery powered cameras continue to work in the event of a power outage and tend to take up less space than wired cameras.


We believe that the Dericam IP Security Camera is a great asset to your household. The camera is easy to install and comes at a modest price of around $70. If you're serious about protecting your family, then this camera will do the trick.

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