SV3C Full HD 1080P Outdoor Security Camera Review

You have a few options at your disposal when it comes to home security. We would recommend implementing as many of these options as you can afford because a strong security system is made up of several components which work hand in hand.

Keep in mind that a more in depth security system will end up costing you more regarding up front costs and maintenance, however.

The first choice you have is to invest in an alarm system. These may or may not require a subscription to keep functioning. Depending on the company, you can opt for a subscription plan or an up front lifetime payment.

SV3C Full HD 1080P Bullet Outdoor Security Camera Lens

An alarm system will automatically alert the authorities whenever a break in is detected in your home. The disadvantage to alarms is that they can often be tripped accidentally by family members returning home at night. You must also remember to arm your alarm system every night. More modern systems, however, feature automatic provisions for arming.

The next choice is a home surveillance system made up of however many cameras you believe are necessary to provide full coverage for your home. This used to require a ton of wiring and professional setup due to the complexity of CCTV cameras, but IP cameras have since taken their place.

IP cameras work over your home’s local network so they are as simple as setting up a wireless or wired device on your router. This is why we will be reviewing one of the best budget IP cameras which is available on the market today. Before we get to our review, we are going to take a look at some of this camera’s key characteristics.


When buying your camera, it is important to consider what resolution you would prefer. Resolution has a direct effect on the clarity of your camera’s picture and how easy it is to make out potential intruders. A higher quality camera will also help with facial recognition in the event of a break-in caught on camera.

Most modern IP cameras feature high definition resolution, either 720P or 1080P. Standard definition cameras are now rare, having been mostly retired when CCTV cameras were deemed obsolete for home use. High resolution is usually only needed with longer sightlines as 720P is adequate for close range use.

Power Supply

Another aspect to consider is where your camera draws its power from. Many IP cameras come included with separate broadcast cords and power cords. While this is easier to design, you will find that it makes cable management more difficult and unnecessarily increases the amount of clutter when setting up.

A cleaner option for the power supply of your IP camera is POE (power over ethernet). This does exactly what it sounds like. Instead of featuring a separate power cable, your camera can draw power through a cat5 ethernet cable instead, providing a connection and power in one easy package.

About The Product

This IP camera features a wide variety of extras which are designed to improve accessibility for users. It is one of the more affordable models that you will find available, and it is manufactured by SV3C. The low price point is no reason for apprehension as this product still features quality construction.

SV3C Full HD 1080P Bullet Outdoor Security Camera Dimensions

This camera is a great choice if you are trying to set up an affordable security system. While it may be lacking in extra features compared to its more expensive counterparts, this IP camera still includes some helpful additions. The most noticeable of these additions is the power over ethernet functionality.

  • Camera includes power over ethernet capability for reduced cable clutter
  • Camera is night vision capable and features a range of 65 feet for long range viewing
  • Camera features a wide angle lens for better focus
  • May be used with a large number of third party security software
  • Camera features IP66 waterproofing for improved weather resistance
  • Includes a power adapter with a 10-foot cable for POE backup
  • Features a resolution of 1080P


This camera also features a relatively standard night vision range of 65 feet and 1080P recording quality, which is a shock when you consider the price of this model. We have seen products that record in 720P goes for higher prices than this camera. The good news doesn't stop there either.

This camera is compatible with both proprietary software and a wide variety of third party software so you can take your pick of the best security application for your needs. This is one of the few cameras we have seen in this price range that does not feature a glaring downside.

What Others Say

We have looked through customer reviews and testimonials for this product, and we will now recount what we have learned. In terms of positives, almost all customers praise this camera for its low price and excellent picture quality. This is one of the best cameras you will find for your home in terms of value for money.

When it comes to negatives, there is one issue that many reviewers bring up, and it is the relative lack of encryption for this camera. Apparently, there is an exploit to bypass the security of this camera, allowing it to be hacked relatively easily. This was rather disturbing news.

Buying Advice

As we have stated multiple times, this is one of the most affordable home surveillance cameras that you will find available. This camera is priced at around 40 dollars, and it can be found for about 35 dollars when it goes on sale. It can be purchased from online retailers like Amazon.

SV3C Full HD 1080P Bullet Outdoor Security Camera



If you are looking for an affordable IP camera that features reasonably good build quality, this should be the product for you. We hope that this review has been educational. If you have any concerns or questions, go ahead and leave them in the comments below and we’ll try to get right back to you.

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